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If you notice an issue with your car that you think may be caused by the suspension, allow our experienced technicians in Biggin Hill to get to the bottom of the issue. General issues like your steering pulling to one side or a knocking noise heard from your wheels may indicate a problem with suspension, so having experienced technicians take a look can be beneficial before the issue gets worse. Our team go above and beyond, using manufacturer methods to carry out a complete repair and can fit OEM or equivalent parts depending on your preference. The technology we use and attention to detail our team bring to every job means you can be sure of a comprehensive suspension repair.

How can you tell if there is a problem with your car’s

Some of the signs you may notice that could indicate that there is an issue with your car suspension include:

If your car is pulling to one side or steering is more difficult, it is likely your shock absorbers, tyres, or brakes are responsible so it is important to have these checked.

The purpose of your suspension is to absorb any bumps or potholes in the road, so this could be a sign that it is not doing its job correctly and something has gone wrong.

You may notice one corner of your car sitting lower than the others, which could be a result of broken car suspension arm and can cause tyres to wear on one side more than others.

You may hear a slight knocking noise when driving or going over bumps and potholes, which could indicate damaged suspension springs or shock absorbers, so replacement parts may be needed.

Car using manufacturer methods

Our expert team can offer a helping hand on any suspension issues you may be having. The knowledge our technicians possess makes us car suspension specialists who are familiar with all types of vehicles. In order to ensure close attention to detail when working on your vehicle, we use manufacturer’s methods to ensure there are no missing elements and the repair is carried out with complete accuracy. Depending on your preferences, we have both OEM and equivalent parts available to fit, with the highest quality parts used to ensure a long-lasting repair and prevent recurring issues with the suspension of your vehicle. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure no delays and you can expect to have your vehicle back in no time.

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If you have noticed an issue with your car suspension that requires a repair, get in contact with our team today. Call us now on 01959 576 827 or email to get booked in.


Wheel alignment after

Once your suspension has been repaired and new parts are fitted, it is important that you have your wheels properly realigned to ensure the angles of each tyre are perfectly adjusted and avoid uneven tyre wear. Once your suspension has been fully repaired, we can carry out precise wheel alignment for your vehicle at our Biggin Hill garage. We have the very latest equipment to help our technicians ensure complete accuracy. Our team will return your vehicle to you with its suspension repaired and your wheels correctly adjusted.

Car and ADAS calibration

An important step when repairing your suspension that is often missed by major garages is to recalibrate your vehicle’s ADAS systems. Once car suspension adjustment has taken place, the radars and cameras of your car will need to be realigned to operate correctly. We have gone above and beyond to invest in the latest technology at our Biggin Hill garage, allowing us to recalibrate your vehicle’s ADAS systems back to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring they can once again function with complete accuracy. This is an important step for the safety of all the occupants of your vehicle and other road users.


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We use all our experience to carry out a full check of your suspension, then identify the area where repairs are required. This allows us to give you the fairest and most accurate quote for the parts required and our services.


We make it easy to book your car in for suspension repairs with us, whether this be over the phone, email or through our website. We will arrange your suspension repairs as soon as possible and will provide you with updates on our progress.


Our team are fully trained and possess years of experience carrying out car suspension repairs. This has allowed us to familiarise ourselves with every aspect of the repairs process, from fitting replacement parts to recalibrating ADAS systems.


Our investment in training and access to manufacturer methods allows us to carry out every car suspension repair with maximum efficiency. We are able to order in OEM or equivalent parts as quickly as possible so that they can be fitted to your vehicle and repairs will be complete in no time.


Whilst your vehicle is in for suspension repairs, we want to ensure that you are not left without a car. This is why we will give you an accurate timeframe for repairs to be carried out, as well as the option of a courtesy car from our large fleet.

Vehicle suspension accident repairs

Your vehicle suspension can easily be damaged as a result of a collision, which is why our expert technicians are on hand to carry out repairs and fit replacement parts if necessary. Whether or not an accident was your fault, we’re the team that you need to restore your vehicle to optimum condition.


Non-fault insurance

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our team are able to carry out high quality repairs to your suspension as well as any other mechanical or bodywork repairs that are required. We can also take care of the insurance claims process on your behalf, ensuring you are not left out of pocket with your insurance excess to pay.

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If you are the owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle, we are fully trained and hold all necessary accreditations to carry out suspension repairs. Our team possess an NVQ level 3 qualification, and we have all safety equipment on site at our Biggin Hill garage so that we can safely work on electric and hybrid vehicles.


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Arrange your car suspension repairs with us today by calling 01959 576 827 or email We also have an online contact form which provides you with a quick quote for repairs or servicing.