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When it comes to exhaust repairs and replacements, you can trust our exhaust specialists in Biggin Hill to quickly diagnose any issues and get to work to fit any new parts or effectively carry out a repair. Once you encounter an issue with your exhaust system, it is important to get it resolved as soon as possible as your car could be producing significantly more emissions if it is not functioning properly. This could result in you failing your MOT and encountering further costs, which is why our MOT preparation services can identify these problems first. From fitting a catalytic converter to exhaust welding that prevents any part of the system dragging along the ground, our tools and expertise allow us to resolve any problems you may encounter with your exhaust.

How can you tell if your

There are a few clear signs that will indicate whether your exhaust requires repairs or replacement parts. These include:

If your car is making a loud noise, this could indicate damage to the muffler, cracks to the exhaust pipe, or a leaking manifold. This can affect your fuel economy and the emissions produced by your vehicle. You could even fail your MOT or be fined as a result.

You may notice your fuel economy drastically decrease and find yourself getting a lot less mileage from your car. This is a clear sign that your exhaust is not doing its job correctly.

You may notice a smell of noxious gases, which could indicate that your catalytic converter is damaged, or a burning smell from your engine could be a sign of a leaking manifold gasket.

Your exhaust hanging low or dragging when driving is a clear indicator that the exhaust clamps need replacing and should be fixed before further damage is caused to the muffler or pipe.

Car exhaust repairs

Replacing different parts of your exhaust can be expensive, especially high value parts such as catalytic converters, which is why repairs can be just as beneficial and provide a more cost-effective solution. Our expert technicians can look over your exhaust system before deciding on the most effective repair. Whether it is a hole in the muffler or a rusted exhaust pipe, the equipment and technology possessed at our shop allow us to easily identify the fault and efficiently carry out the most suitable repairs. We are capable of all sorts of repairs, including welding pipes back together, sealing leaks, and reattaching low hanging pipes. Even small repairs such as replacing exhaust clamps can reduce the emissions your car is producing and prevent excessive pollution.

Arrange exhaust repairs and replacements with us

To get your vehicle booked in for exhaust repairs and replacements with our team, call us now on 01959 576 827 or email info@swautomotive.co.uk with all the details of your damaged exhaust.


Car exhaust replacement

If it turns out these key parts of your exhaust are damaged beyond repair, we are able to source OEM or equivalent parts and our engineers can carry out installation so that your exhaust is back functioning properly as soon as possible. If you have had your catalytic converter stolen, we can arrange to fit a replacement as soon as possible so that your vehicle is not kept off the road for a long period of time. From exhaust back boxes to manifolds, regardless of the type of vehicle you possess, we will be able to order the necessary part and have one of our technicians expertly fit it so that your exhaust system will be back to functioning as normal.

Why choose us for car


Our experienced team are experts in both mechanical and bodywork repairs who can assess the condition of your car exhaust system and its key parts before recommending the best course of action. We will always try to offer you the most cost-effective solution that will ensure optimum performance and your exhaust running properly.


Once you arrange your exhaust replacement with us, we will keep you updated on the delivery of the OEM or equivalent part. This will help you to have a clear idea of when we will be able to carry out installation of the new parts and when you will have your exhaust functioning properly.


Having worked on exhausts for multiple different types of vehicles over the years, our technicians can recognise any issues with your exhaust system. We can then recommend a repair or replacement that will be most effective in ensuring you do not continue to encounter the same problem.


With the knowledge and tools possessed by our technicians, we can quickly carry out the work with maximum efficiency. Our equipment allows us to diagnose the issue, source the suitable parts for repairs and replacements and install them easily so that you have your car back as soon as possible.


The service we provide means you can have your exhaust repaired with minimal inconvenience. If a larger repair is needed and your car will need to be worked on over multiple days, you can benefit from our fleet of courtesy cars so that you will not be left without a vehicle to use during the repair process.

Accident repairs for exhausts

Whether you were at fault or not, a collision with another vehicle can cause damage to your exhaust system, so you will want to have repairs carried out by experienced technicians. Our team in Biggin Hill can take an in-depth look at your exhaust system and carry out all the repairs that are needed including fitting replacement parts to return your exhaust to working order.


Non-fault insurance work exhaust services

If the accident that you were involved in wasn’t your fault, you may be concerned by the non-fault claims process. Don’t worry, our team in Biggin Hill are able to carry out these exhaust repairs whilst managing your insurance claim, and if the repair works out to be less than your excess you could end up paying less.

Exhaust repairs and replacements

Our team hold an NVQ level 3 accreditation to work on electric and hybrid vehicles. We are well trained to carry out any mechanical or bodywork repairs on hybrid cars, including exhaust repairs and replacements. We possess all the safety equipment at our garage to carefully repair your hybrid exhaust system.


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For any exhaust related enquiries, contact our team today to benefit from our expertise. Give us a call on 01959 576 827 or email info@swautomotive.co.uk. You are also able to fill out our contact form for a quick quote on exhaust repairs or replacements.