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If you notice your air conditioning system working less effectively, there is no straightforward way for you to tell what the problem is. This is why you can rely on our technicians to carry out system troubleshooting on your behalf. Whether a simple recharge is required, or there is an air conditioning leak, we have the necessary equipment and tools to easily identify these faults and carry out a comprehensive repair at our garage in Biggin Hill. We are fully F-Gas certified, so you can be sure our team have the necessary training to carry out any car air conditioning servicing and repairs in Biggin Hill comprehensively.

How can you tell if your

There are a few obvious signs that will give you a clear indication your air conditioning isn’t functioning as it should and requires attention:

This could mean a faulty blower hose or ventilation fan is preventing air from being pumped through your car properly. If this is your issue, your air conditioning won’t be effective until it’s fixed.

This is a sign that the hose could be blocked and should be resolved quickly before more damage is caused. If there’s a blockage in your system it’s important to avoid a delayed response.

This should be a straightforward fix, as it usually requires a simple re-gas which involves having the refrigerant topped up. If you have had this done recently, it is possible that there is a leak.

This could be a sign that your filters are blocked or dirty, so they may need to be cleaned or replaced. If it is more of a burning smell, there could be an issue with the wiring and this requires immediate attention.

Comprehensive car air conditioning service in

Once your air conditioning system begins to slow down and is less effective in heating or cooling the cabin of your vehicle quickly, it is time to get a service booked in. Our technicians can carry out an in-depth air conditioning service and a full recharge if necessary at our Biggin Hill garage. We have worked on air conditioning systems for all types of vehicles, so will be able to quickly diagnose any issues using the latest equipment and technology. Numerous tests are carried out to ensure everything is running smoothly and no replacement parts are needed. With the accreditations we possess, you can be sure the service follows all regulations, and all necessary checks will be completed before returning the vehicle to you. This is a quick and easy process and can be done while you wait if you prefer. If repairs or replacements are required, our team can efficiently install the necessary parts so that minimal inconvenience is caused.

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To have your vehicle air conditioning looked over by our experts in Biggin Hill, get in touch with our team today. Call us now on 01959 576 827 or email to speak to one of our experts.

Why choose us for car air conditioning recharge and repairs


Our car air conditioning experts are able to take a close look at your car air conditioning system and quickly identify any faults. We will then provide you with a competitive and accurate quote based on whether you require servicing, repairs or both.


Depending on the extent of the work your air conditioning requires, we can arrange a suitable time with you over the phone and book you in at our garage at your earliest convenience. Once we know the extent of the repairs, we will be able to provide you with an accurate timeframe for completion of the job.


Our team are fully F-Gas registered and hold all necessary accreditations and training to work on car air conditioning systems. This means they can efficiently carry out an air conditioning gas recharge, identifying any underlying problems with your car’s air con in the process.


The knowledge and equipment possessed at our Biggin Hill workshop means we can work as efficiently as possible on your car air conditioning. If you are booked in for a service and gas recharge, you can expect this to be carried out in no time and you can choose to wait if you wish.


Once you have booked in your car with us, you can be sure you will be able to have an air conditioning service carried out at the agreed time and have your vehicle back same day. If we discover further issues, you can benefit from our large fleet of courtesy cars so that you aren’t left without a vehicle.

Car air conditioning repair in

If you have noticed any of the more serious signs that your car air conditioning requires repairs, allow us to identify the source of any leaks or use our equipment to understand why you may have suffered a complete air conditioning failure. The technology we possess enables us to find the source of leaks quickly or clear any blockages or dirt from your air conditioning efficiently so that it will be running smoothly once again. We can also fit any new parts such as air filters or hoses if necessary to guarantee a long-lasting fix. Our team have undergone full training and have achieved an F-Gas accreditation, meaning they can safely and responsibly work with fluorinated gases and air conditioning systems. We go the extra mile to recover any gases used rather than polluting the environment. This makes our Biggin Hill garage the perfect place to bring your vehicle the next time you encounter a persistent problem with your air conditioning system.



Accident repair centre in

Regardless of what damage has been done to your car as a result of a collision with another vehicle, we can carry out comprehensive repairs at our Biggin Hill garage. The knowledge and equipment we possess means we will return it to you in its best possible condition, with the air conditioning functioning with maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re at fault or not, we’re the team you can trust to look after your vehicle.

Non-fault insurance work in

For accidents not caused by you, our mechanical and bodywork repairs our team in Biggin Hill can completely restore your car. We can also manage your insurance claim on your behalf whilst repairs are carried out, which could end up with you saving on your excess if our repairs work out cheaper.


Air conditioning repairs and servicing in Biggin Hill for electric and hybrid vehicles

If you are the owner of an electric vehicle, running your air conditioning for long periods of time can have a detrimental impact on your battery. Our team possess the NVQ level 3 accreditation needed to work on electric and hybrid vehicles, which means we have received full training and take all necessary precautions when it comes to your car.

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For all your car air conditioning enquiries, give our team a call today. You can reach us on 01959 576 827 or email We also have an online contact form which provides you with a quick quote for repairs or servicing.