SMART repairs


Have your vehicle back in no time

Here at SW Automotive, we are well equipped to carry out any SMART repairs to your vehicle so that the area of damage is completely unnoticeable once the job is complete. Our process differs to a standard SMART repair in that we carry it out within our modern garage using the latest SMART equipment. We can ensure a controlled environment here so that the area of damage can be carefully blended into the paintwork of your vehicle. We can carry out this repair whilst you wait, following the same process as our comprehensive car body repairs. You can expect a higher quality finish at the same low cost as a mobile SMART repair.

dent repairs with the latest technology

Small and medium sized dents can easily be caused by door dings or stones and other debris knocking into your car, but they can be easily corrected by our team of expert SMART repairers.

  • The technology possessed at our Biggin Hill garage allows us to effectively treat these small dents, with glue pulling systems and paintless dent removal (PDR) tools providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for these minimal blemishes.
  • For any dents that may have affected the paintwork of your car, our controlled spray booth ensures the repair is carefully blended into the rest of the bodywork and is an exact colour match.

You can expect a more comprehensive job at no extra cost compared to a traditional mobile SMART repair, which tend to not be blended properly due to the lack of a controlled environment.

Book your repair with us

If you would like to get your vehicle booked in with us for SMART repairs, call us now on 01959 576 827 or email to arrange this as soon as possible. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and our team will get back to you. Please include multiple photos of the damage to receive an accurate quote.


bodywork trim repairs

It is easy to pick up minimal scratches and dents on the trim of your vehicle that may be caused by small rocks or general wear and tear, but fixing these is an easy job for our team. We can remove these dents and carefully repaint over scratches to restore the trim of your car to pristine condition.

bumper repairs

For any bumper damage that you have suffered, our SMART repairs follow the same efficient and cost-effective process as our standard bumper repairs. This involves us using all the equipment at our garage to carefully weld any cracks or pull out any dents. Your vehicle bumper can then have its paintwork taken care of in our spray booth, which provides the perfect environment to carefully blend the area of repair into the bodywork of your vehicle. Our colour matching technology will ensure complete accuracy, something you cannot be sure of with a traditional mobile smart repair.


Why choose us for


We want to ensure you have the best possible SMART repair carried out to your vehicle. Our service is carried out in a controlled environment with the best possible technology. This is why we recommend our customers avoid mobile repairs and allow our technicians to deliver the highest standard job.


Once we have spoken to you or received a request for a quote, we are able to respond to you within 24 hours to get you booked in as soon as possible. You can expect our team to give you an accurate timeframe for the completion of the repair and you will be informed immediately once your vehicle is ready for collection.


Our knowledgeable team have been fully trained to use a wide range of SMART repair equipment and have extensive experience carrying out all types of vehicle repairs. You can expect our technicians to decide on the most effective course of action, regardless of the type of damage.


Our investment in the best equipment and technology on the market has allowed us to carry out SMART repairs even more efficiently. This means that you won’t be kept waiting for long whilst we repair any small dents or scuffs on your vehicle. The area of damage will no longer be noticeable when we’ve finished.


SMART repairs can be carried out on the same day and our technicians can complete any of these minor jobs while you wait. You can expect a quick turnaround so that you’ll be back on the road in no time. If it turns out there is a larger issue with your vehicle that requires further bodywork or mechanical repairs, our large fleet of courtesy cars means you won’t be caused any inconvenience.

SMART Repairs for electric vehicles

If your electric vehicle requires SMART repairs, we possess all the necessary safety accreditations, and our employees are specially trained to repair hybrid and electric vehicles. This means that, if your car requires any further work, our team at SW Automotive are trained to carry this out at the same time for your convenience.

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To get your vehicle booked in for SMART repairs with our expert team, give us a call today on 01959 576 827 or email You can also request a quick quote through our website.