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For any bumper damage that your vehicle may have suffered, our comprehensive bumper repairs can ensure that even the most severe damage can be restored before a complete replacement is necessary. The equipment possessed by our expert team allows them to effectively carry out any bumper scrape repairs, addressing dents and scuffs that may be visible in addition to any mechanical or body repairs your car requires. Our technicians can assess the damage then advise you on the most effective course of action for your bumpers, then carry out any repairs or replacements to the highest standard, ensuring any technology is recalibrated and your vehicle is looking its best once again.

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If you contact us for any bumper dent repairs or scuffs and scrapes, but you are unable to make it to our Biggin Hill garage, you can benefit from our free collection and delivery service. You are eligible for this service if you are based in these areas:

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For any car bumper repairs you require, give us a call today on 01959 576 827 or email info@swautomotive.co.uk to get your vehicle booked in as soon as possible. You can also fill out our online contact form. Please include multiple photos of the damage so that we can make an accurate assessment of repairs.

Bumper scuff repairs

The equipment we possess at our Biggin Hill garage allows us to carry out any bumper scuff, dent, or crack repairs with maximum effectiveness. Regardless of the extent of the damage, our highly trained technicians have the necessary tools to restore your bumper. Our bumper repair technology includes:







Expert front

A head-on collision with another vehicle or a stationary object could lead to your front bumper suffering serious damage such as a crack or dent. Depending on the extent of the damage, our technicians identify the most effective method of repair, whether this be welding the plastic together, sanding and respraying scuffs, or filling in scratches. This follows a similar process to car body repairs with our engineers carefully sanding the area and welding if necessary, utilising our colour matching technology to ensure the paintwork is blended carefully to the rest of the vehicle. Our ADAS calibration services are then carried out to Thatcham safety standards to ensure all cameras and sensors are correctly aligned and haven’t been affected by the collision. You can be sure your vehicle will be back to normal.

Precision car

Your back bumper is more likely to be damaged from the impact of another driver colliding with your vehicle from behind. Depending on the speed at which you were hit, this could lead to severe structural damage to your vehicle. The equipment we possess allows us to provide a more comprehensive rear bumper repair, such as the body jig which realigns your vehicle chassis. We go the extra mile to calibrate your vehicle’s radar and cameras once repairs have been carried out, a step which is commonly missed by most garages. We never cut corners when it comes to bumper repairs.



For a cracked bumper, the repair process can be slightly more complex and involves our technicians using specialist equipment to carry out a repair that ensures your bumper is safe and structurally solid.
This involves multiple steps:


The area of damage on your bumper is carefully cleaned.


The plastic is then heated and shaped.


Filler is then applied to the line of the crack to weld the bumper together.


Once this is dried, the area is then sanded and restored to the original contour of the vehicle.


We ensure the paint is colour matched precisely to the rest of your car.


The spray-painting process then takes place in our spray booth and the area is blended in carefully.

Why choose our


Whether it’s a small bumper scuff repair or a large crack that requires welding, our team will assess the damage and use all their knowledge to suggest the most effective course of action to restore your bumper. Once we have agreed on the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution with you, we can get to work on your plastic bumper repair.


Once we get started on your bumper damage repair, we can keep in contact with you through your preferred method of communication. You will receive a regular update on the progress of repairs and will be informed as soon as your vehicle is ready for collection. We can also arrange a drop off to your property.


Our technicians have years of training and have carried out bumper repairs for all types of vehicles. So, for a small bumper scratch repair or a larger dent, our team will identify the most appropriate method of repair and will effectively use the equipment available to restore your bumper efficiently.


With the latest equipment available to us such as welders to repair cracks and a spray booth for bumper paint repairs, we will be able to work as efficiently as possible. Our team will repair the damage to your bumper and blend the paintwork perfectly to the rest of your vehicle, leaving the area of repair completely unnoticeable.


With free collection and delivery available to customers in surrounding areas, our bumper damage repair process is made as straightforward as possible. You can also take advantage of our large fleet of courtesy cars, so that you are not left without a vehicle whilst your car is in for repairs.

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If your vehicle has been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you find yourself requiring bumper repairs, our team at SW Automotive can help. We can manage your non-fault insurance claims with the third-party insurer whilst also carrying out repairs to your vehicle. However, if you need support for an at-fault accident, we’re also here to help with all your repair needs.


Bumper repairs for electric vehicles

If you are the owner of an electric vehicle, we are able to carry out effective bumper repairs. Our team also possesses the necessary training and NVQ Level 3 accreditation to repair electric and hybrid vehicles. If you have any repairs that need to be carried out, we are the right team for the job.

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If your car bumpers have suffered damage and require repairs, give us a call on 01959 576 827 or email info@swautomotive.co.uk. You can also visit our contact form and can expect to receive a response within 24 hours.