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Damaging your alloys can be a common occurrence, catching them on the kerb when parking can cause scratches, scuffs and even cracks. With our alloy wheel refurbishment service in Biggin Hill, we can ensure they are back to pristine condition with the original shine restored. We possess the most effective refurbishment technology to carry out kerbed alloy wheel repairs, including powder coating facilities and a diamond cutting machine to remove any corrosion and blemishes from the surface. Our experienced team of alloy wheel specialists will have your alloys back to their best, providing the perfect complement to the rest of your vehicle. Next time you book your vehicle in for bodywork or mechanical repairs, you can have your alloys restored at the same time.

The latest

We have invested in the latest technology in order to effectively repair and refurbish alloy wheels at our modern garage in Biggin Hill. With multiple pieces of equipment designed specifically for alloy wheel restoration, you can be sure of a comprehensive repair. We have access to the following alloy wheel repair technology:

  • Powder coating facilities
  • Diamond cutting machine
  • Alloy wheel straightening equipment
  • Welding
  • Alloy wheel corrosion treatment




Our powder coating process involves a complete respray of your alloys. This effective alloy wheel scuff repair process involves stripping down the original paintwork by deep cleaning and sandblasting. The wheels are then heated before being sprayed with electrostatically charged paint using a specialist spray gun. The curing process involves placing the wheels back in the oven, where a chemical reaction takes place to ensure the durability of your alloys. We utilise a colour matching system to ensure your alloys are all identical in appearance.

Complete wheel refurbishment:

Our diamond cutting machine offers an alternative to powder coating and is an effective approach for cracked alloy wheel repair or any surface scuffs and scratches. This follows a similar preparation to powder coating, with a CNC machine cutting away the top layer of your alloy to restore a shiny finish to the surface of the wheel. This careful process can only be carried out once or twice per alloy before the structure of the wheel is compromised, so it is important to bear this in mind.


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Once we understand the extent of the damage and the alloy wheel refurbishment process that is needed, we can collect and drop off your vehicle to your property once the work is complete. You are eligible for our free collection and delivery service if you are based in the following areas:

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Whether you require alloy wheel scuff repair, straightening, or welding give us a call on 01959 576 827 or email to get booked in with us as soon as possible so we can restore your alloys to pristine condition.

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As our technicians have extensive experience carrying out effective alloy wheel refurbishment, we will be able to effectively assess your alloy wheel damage and recommend the most effective treatment to ensure you will be satisfied with the repairs we carry out.


Once we have recommended a refurbishment approach, we will get to work on your alloy wheel restoration, informing you of the processes that are taking place and keeping you up to date on the progress of our restoration. We’ll give you a clear timeframe of when you can expect the job to be done.


The refurbishment process involves numerous steps and is a careful process which must be carried out by trained technicians. Our team have undergone significant training and have carried out professional alloy wheel repairs on all types of damage, so you can be sure your wheels are in safe hands.


With the repair technology possessed at our well-equipped garage, we can carry out effective alloy wheel repainting, electrostatic powder coating, or diamond cutting as efficiently and comprehensively as possible so that your wheels can be restored to their best condition in no time.


In order to cause minimal disruption to your schedule, you have the option available to take advantage of our large fleet of courtesy cars whilst your vehicle is in for a repair. If that option doesn’t suit you, we can even collect and drop off your vehicle to your home if you are based within the surrounding areas so that you do not have to travel to us.

Non-fault insurance work:

If you were involved in a collision that caused damage to your alloy wheels, you can take advantage of our non-fault insurance services. We can take care of repairs whilst managing your insurance claim on your behalf. Our team will also be able to assist you if the accident was your fault, returning your vehicle to optimum condition without delay.


Alloy wheel refurbishment for electric vehicles

We possess all the necessary safety equipment to work on hybrid and electric vehicles at our Biggin Hill garage, so we can carry out alloy wheel refurbishment for your car whilst providing you with an electric vehicle from our fleet of courtesy cars.

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If you have damaged your wheels and require our alloy wheel refurbishment services, give us a call today on 01959 576 827 or email You can also visit our contact form to receive a response within 24 hours.