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For any car bodywork related repairs, we have highly skilled technicians and the very latest repair equipment on the market at our professional car body shop in Biggin Hill.  We offer a wide range of car body repairs, covering everything from dents and bumper repairs to alloy wheel refurbishments. The techniques we use when working on your vehicle ensure the most effective and long-lasting repair, with our technicians paying close attention to detail every step of the way to give the best possible result. For any car body repairs your vehicle requires, you can rely on our experts.

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If you require our car body repairs for your vehicle, we offer a free collection and delivery service to our Biggin Hill garage to ensure the process is as hassle-free as possible for our clients. You are able to take advantage of this service if you are based in the following areas:

Our car body repair

We offer a wide range of repairs to the exterior of your vehicle at our body shop in Biggin Hill, so if you have been involved in an accident that has caused extensive damage, we have the equipment and expertise to resolve it. Our repair services include:


Car body repairs

If you are involved in a collision, your car body panels can suffer from dents and damage to the paintwork. We possess equipment such as a miracle pull system and can use techniques such as paintless dent repairs to remove these blemishes, with paint colour matching technology to ensure the paintwork matches up to the rest of your car with 100% accuracy.

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Alloy wheel refurbishments

One of the most common problems we deal with are damaged alloys from scrapes with the kerb or small scratches picked up while driving. Our powder coating and diamond cutting technology allows us to fully respray your wheels or carefully cut away the top layer to restore the shiny finish.

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Bumper repairs

Bumpers can often suffer damage through a head-on collision or someone driving into the back of you. We are able to repair even the most damaged bumpers, sanding and welding cracks to completely restore your original bumper or fitting a new one if necessary.

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SMART repairs

Mobile SMART repairs are often carried out in unsuitable conditions and without correct colour matching. This is why we carry out these small and medium repairs in a controlled environment, carefully blending paintwork to match the rest of your vehicle and ensure the damage is completely unnoticeable.

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Once you have had any bodywork repairs completed by us, it is important to ensure that the technology within your car has been reset and is functioning properly. Our ADAS services check your vehicle sensors, radars, and cameras to recalibrate them with 100% accuracy.

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For any enquiries regarding our car body shop, get in contact with our team of experts today. Call us now on 01959 576 827 or email to get your car booked in as soon as possible.


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When coming to us for repairs, you will want to be sure that you are having the highest standard of work carried out on your car. This is why we employ the most skilled technicians who have undergone years of training and equip them with the tools and machinery they need to deliver the best possible repair. Our dent removal systems, combined with a controlled spray booth and colour matching spectrometer ensure complete accuracy during the respraying process. We guarantee a perfect paint job. We have all the equipment on site at our modern garage, which allows us to perform these repairs with maximum efficiency.

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If you bring your vehicle to our car body shop for repairs, you can expect to receive an honest assessment of the damage to your vehicle from our expert technicians. They will then recommend the best course of action and agree this with you before getting started.


Once we have begun work on your vehicle, you can expect us to provide updates on the progress of your vehicle and when the work will be complete. We make it easy to reach us by phone or email should you have any questions on the repairs process.


We are the right team to carry out car body repairs, due to the unrivalled expertise we possess. Each of our technicians are specialists in their field, which means that, regardless of the type of repair that your vehicle requires, we are suitable for the job.


The car body repair technology available to us allows us to carry out the highest quality repairs in the quickest possible time. The efficiency with which our machinery works means that you will have your vehicle back in its best condition as soon as possible.


Our free collection and delivery service makes our repair services as straightforward as possible for you to arrange, so that you don’t have to travel to our garage. We also have a large fleet of courtesy cars available should you be without your vehicle for multiple days.

Non fault insurance repairs body shop

For any damage to your car caused by a collision that wasn’t your fault, our team can restore it to its former condition. Not only this, but we also manage non-fault insurance claims on behalf of our clients, so that you receive maximum compensation for the accident.

Electric and

For any car body repairs to your electric or hybrid vehicle, our body shop is well equipped with the safety equipment and tools to carry out efficient repairs. Our team have undergone special training and we hold an NVQ Level 3 qualification to work on electric vehicles, so your car is in safe hands.


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If you would like to speak to us regarding repairs at our car body shop, get in contact with our team today. Give us a call on 01959 576 827 or email discuss our services further. You can also reach us via our online contact form.